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  • info@daj.co.ug
  • Rukiidi III Street,
    Fort Portal, Uganda

DAJ Investments Limited is a private registered company with the registrar of companies in Uganda on 13th October 2011. The company was established EIGHT YEARS ago with its head offices in Fort Portal, Kabarole district.

The company was established with an aim of investing in the Construction and Manufacturing Industries in Uganda. 

Daj Investments Limited is in the process of setting up plant to process high quality animal feed in order to serve small, medium and large livestock owners to enhance productivity and ensure better health of livestock.

Due to the increasing effective demand for livestock products such as milk, meat and eggs in Uganda, farmers need to supplement their livestock feeding with concentrates so as to improve on their productivity. In Uganda about 33% of the dairy farmers use compounded dairy concentrate feed while a sizeable percentage of households nearly 56% use feed ingredients such as maize bran and rice bran as straights (EADD, 2016). DAJ will penetrate both the local and international markets due to the assured quality of its feeds.